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Having an alarm system is one of the best deterrents available to help reduce the chance of a burglary, the presence of an alarm system is enough in most cases to protect your home or business and its occupants from intruders.

Its well known that alarms work, hence why insurance companies often offer cheaper fees to those who have a working alarm system, the idea of an alarm is to make an intruder think twice before attempting to break in and scare any intruders off if they are brave enough to try. 

We offer a range of solutions using the latest technology on the market which we tailor to best suit our customers requirements.


Hopefully your alarm is never triggered by an intruder. It is a certaintity that it’s presence is going to give you peace of mind. You’ll be more confident knowing that your alarm system is watching over your home, dettering intruders and protecting your family.

In addition to protecting your family, home alarm systems can also save you money on insurance costs. Since your insurance company knows that your home is protected.


Businesses need alarm systems to protect their assets and employees from intruders. An alarm will reduce the chances of a break in.

The whole point of having an alarm system is to maximise security at your workplace. As business owner whether your on-site all the time or only occasionally, having an alarm system to monitor everything 24/7 and alert you when something happens is paramount.


Why use AX PRO? Its a flexible and easy-to-use system with no wires.

Featuring accurate detections and comprehensive protection, it is the perfect choice for any home or business.

Receive instant alerts when alarm detects an intruder, can also manage all your alarm and other Hikvision systems including CCTV/Access Control on the amazing “Hik Connect App”.


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